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Dr. Adel Hosny 

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Dr. Adel Hosny 

Dr Adel Hosny Clinic When Professionalism, Knowledge and Experience meet.
One of the pioneers in Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Adel Hosny has established many branches in Egypt and was the first one to open in Health Care City, Dubai since 2006.
Surgery Consultant.
Aesthetic Physician.
Member of the Anti-Aging World Conference and IMCAS.
Lecturer in Dermal Fillers and Chemical Peels for many laboratories.

About us:

Dr. Adel Hosny Clinics is the place where you find luxury, rejuvenation and professionalism.
We are deeply committed to provide you with the most advanced technologies and the highest quality materials to ensure you guaranteed and safe results.
Our goal is to help transform into a better version of yourself in the most natural way.
Our clinic is the one of the best clinics in Egypt that provides surgical and non-surgical treatment as well by highly qualified staff.
We provide all types of body contouring procedures, Skin Rejuvenation, Monotherapy, Plastic Surgery, Laser, Filler, Detox, LPG Cellulite, Hair Removal, Hair transplantation.


With Us, Your Beauty Will Shine

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